New Intradepartmental Charging Instructions

August 1, 2013

Since Rutgers and UMDNJ will be one institution effective July 1, 2013, the process of procuring goods and services from units that were separate up to that time will change. Rutgers will maintain two financial systems, RIAS (Oracle Ebiz) for the units that were Rutgers prior to 7/1/13 and Banner for the units that were part of UMDNJ prior to that date, until fully migrated onto a single ERP platform. Below you will find the details related to the new process.

New Procedures for Ordering Goods or Services BETWEEN Rutgers and Legacy UMDNJ Departments

New supplier records have been created in the RIAS Internet Procurement and SciQuest systems to be used for intra department purchase orders to procure goods or services between Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ departments. The new naming convention for these intra institution suppliers will be the following:  INTRA:Rutgers. Then multiple sites or addresses will be set up for the various departments that would be procured from.

Effective July 1 – You are to prepare orders for purchases between Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ departments by using RIAS Internet Procurement or SciQuest systems selecting the new supplier INTRA:Rutgers. As usual, purchase orders will either be emailed or faxed automatically to the INTRA:Rutgers department supplying the goods or services for both RIAS and Banner users.

New Procedures for Departments Preparing Invoices for Intra Department Purchases  

Beginning on July 1, 2013, the Accounts Payable departments will no longer issue checks to pay for the intra department purchases between Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ. Instead, the Accounting departments at Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ will begin creating new intra department journal entries to record the expense recovery or revenue account.

The department supplying the goods or services will be asked to specify on the invoice the expense recovery or revenue account information that should be credited on the new intra journal. For invoices from Rutgers departments, please provide the Fund Source/Natural Account. For invoices from legacy UMDNJ departments, please provide the Index/Account. 

Please provide your expense recovery or revenue account information, as indicated above, on invoices when providing goods or services to departments residing in the other financial system. Send your invoice, as usual, to the Accounts Payable department at Rutgers or legacy UMDNJ.

Any questions regarding the new procedures outlined above can be directed by email to or by phone to Dave Amador at 848-445-4674 or Gary Kucsan at 732-235-9146.

New Procedure for Intra Institution Transfers of Funds 

In the past, Rutgers departments have used check requests in RIAS to transfer funds between Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ for limited specific situations. Effective July 1, checks will no longer be issued within the same institution. Instead, the process will be to record a journal in both the RIAS and Banner systems using a new Due To/Due From clearing account to keep both systems in balance.   

Banner users can continue to complete the request for check for balance transfer activities and the legacy UMDNJ accounting department will prepare the appropriate journals for you.

  • RIAS Users: Prepare a journal following instructions received from accounting as stated above.
  • Banner Users: Prepare the Request for Check form with transfer of funds details as usual.

Please email or contact John Straley (848-445-2133) or Eli Djambinov (848-445-5014) for more details and instructions for these transactions beginning on July 1, 2013.

Your patience is appreciated as these new processes are developed and implemented. Thank you.