RBHS: Overview of New Restricted Fund Index Establishment and Modification Process

August 1, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

Listed below summarizes the new restricted fund index establishment and modification process that took effect July 1, 2013:


All requests for a new restricted fund index for sponsored programs and research-related contracts must be first reviewed by the Rutgers Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) or the Office of Corporate Contracts (OCC) prior to its establishment.

Once the agreement has been reviewed and all compliances issues have been satisfied, ORSP/OCC then assigns the agreement a RU COEUS award number and transmits the award file to RBHS-DGCA to have the index established.   

Upon receipt of a complete award file from ORSP/OCC, RBHS-DGCA reviews the file, assigns an index number and then enters all information pertinent to the award including the budget in both Banner and the RBHS-DGCA post-award system. A complete award file consists of a fully signed endorsement form (or GAFA for applications submitted prior to July 1), a complete copy of the fully executed award document, the proposal/SOW and a budget that reconciles to the awarded grant/contract agreement.

Upon establishment of the index, the following day, a RBHS-DGCA Notice of Award will be  generated and emailed to both the Principal Investigator and the school’s post-award contact, as indicated on the completed endorsement form, along with a signature card. The signature card must be completed and returned back to RBHS-DGCA before one begins to procure goods and services or assign payroll on that index to accomplish the project specified in the award.

The same steps above would also apply when establishing any advance indices, continuation, supplemental, or other modifications to research agreements prior to the action being recorded in Banner by RBHS-DGCA.

For additional information on research-related index setup procedures, please refer to http://postaward.rutgers.edu/grant-management/award-establishment

Other Restricted Funds:

All requests for a new restricted fund index to be established for other types of funds such as discretionary, student financial assistance and gifts should be forwarded directly to rbhsdgca@rci.rutgers.edu. All requests should include a completed GAFA, the supporting documentation for the request and a budget for the funds awarded to be established in Banner.     

In the event there are compliance requirements, RBHS-DGCA will forward the request to the appropriate compliance area within the Rutgers Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development to review prior to its establishment.

Otherwise, RBHS-DGCA will assign a new index number and enter all information pertinent to the agreement in Banner including the budget as provided with the request. 

Upon establishment, the following day, RBHS-DGCA will email a confirmation to the requestor of the index setup, along with a signature card. The signature card must be completed and returned back to RBHS-DGCA before one begins to procure goods and services or assign payroll on the new index.

The same steps above would also apply to establish any continuation, supplemental, or other funding modifications to these other restricted funds until further notice.

RBHS-DGCA Index Establishment and Modification Update

Effective July 1: All restricted fund index establishments, index modifications (i.e., end date changes, etc.) and budget updates in Banner have been centralized within RBHS-DGCA regardless of school or campus.  Consequently, please refrain from sending your requests to your assigned RBHS-Grant Analyst but rather directly to the contacts listed below to expedite this process. 

All index requests and other modification requests such as recording continuation funding received by RBHS-DGCA since July 1, 2013 continue to be forwarded daily to the applicable units below to be reviewed and transmitted back to RBHS-DGCA for us to establish a new or update an existing index. 

However, due to novation activities that are currently underway, this process is taking longer than usual to receive these files back from ORSP/OCC to establish the indices. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated during this transitional period.

We are currently working on incorporating the RBHS-DGCA awards as part of the Rutgers Award Setup Status Query, which is now only available to legacy-Rutgers units. This web-based query, once available, will allow you to monitor your award setups in the future online. We anticipate this tool being available to you by the end of the summer 2013.

For inquiries on the status of any pending index setups which you had forwarded to us but have not yet been established in Banner, please contact:

  • Rutgers Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)
    (Agreements from non-for profit agencies)

            Dee Evans, Assistant Director
            Email:  ddevans@grants.rutgers.edu
            Phone:  848-932-4032

            Sandy Burrows, Grants/Contract Specialist
            Email: caburrow@grants.rutgers.edu
            Phone: 848-932-4002

  • Rutgers Office of Corporate Contracts (OCC)*
    (Agreements from any for profit agencies, clinical trial agreements and other contracts)
    *Until further notice, please continue to contact Mike Nagy, Director of Legal Management at 732-235-9352 or michael.nagy@rutgers.edu.
    Otherwise, please contact us at rbhsdgca@rci.rutgers.edu concerning any other pending restricted fund index request or should you have any questions on any of the above.