Special Update - October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017

Dear Rutgers Colleagues,

Since the implementation of Oracle, we have been continuously working to correct the various transactional and conversion issues pertaining to grants management.  We have spent the last few months finalizing procedures that utilize Oracle functionality and we are now ready to begin an initiative we will be referring to as Project Review, an undertaking to reconcile and make each project “whole.” Our goal is to allow GCA and departments to move forward using Oracle and its delivered services/functionality and to restore confidence in the system. 

Project review activities will include but are not limited to;

  • Correction of billing events
    • Reconciliation of system expenses to expenses invoiced/reported to the sponsor and the generation of system invoices to match reported expenditures
    • Corrections to billed and unbilled revenue, AR, and applied cash will occur during this reconciliation
  • Financial corrections
    • Fringe and F&A (rate and base)
    • Revenue recognition plans
    • Converted cash, AR, and revenue (expense conversion has already been corrected and verified)
    • Contract and project budget amounts
  • Correction of award demographics
  • Correction of clinical trial identifications
  • Transfer of non-sponsored projects to the Controller’s Office

Our initial priority is to tackle federal LOC and active cost-reimbursable populations. We are in the process of reviewing the paper file, confirming award demographics and financials, and reconciling actual expenses to expense reports/invoices submitted to the sponsor. We will provide additional details regarding Project Review and answer questions you may have at Wednesday’s RAIN meeting.

In addition, as you are reviewing your projects and have questions or require adjustments to be made, please e-mail the central GCA e-mail gca@ored.rutgers.edu.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration in our collective effort to improve the processes that support our research and clinical needs.