RBHS: Grants & Contracts: Post-Award Administration

July 1, 2013

As a result of the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act, effective July 1, 2013, please note the following concerning post-award administration.

The legacy UMDNJ Finance Offices of Restricted Funds and Cost Studies on the New Brunswick and Newark campuses have integrated with the Rutgers Division of Grant and Contract Accounting (DGCA), a division under the Rutgers Office of the University Controller. The legacy UMDNJ Finance Office of Restricted Funds located in Stratford has integrated with Rowan University.  

The legacy UMDNJ Finance Offices of Restricted Funds and Cost Studies integrating to DGCA will be referred to as the Rutgers School of Biomedical & Health Sciences (RBHS) Division of Grant & Contract Accounting (RBHS-DGCA); a division within DGCA.   

Both the DGCA and RBHS-DGCA contacts who currently assist you and the funds sources/indices in which they administer will remain the same after July 1. A complete listing of all contacts may be found on the DGCA website:

The university finance-administrative and effort reporting systems (RIAS/ECRT for Rutgers units prior to July 1, and Banner/FTERS for legacy UMDNJ) that you currently use to manage your grants and contracts will also remain the same after July 1 until Rutgers is migrated to single ERP systems.  

Together with the Rutgers Office of Sponsored Research (ORSP) and the Rutgers Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (OVPR&ED), DGCA is committed to ensuring that the university’s research activities and clinical trials proceed without interruption while we complete the legacy-UMDNJ award novation. Therefore, since the award novation transferring legacy UMDNJ grants and contracts to Rutgers will not all be immediate and will continue after July 1, legacy UMDNJ investigators may continue spending in accordance with their approved budgets on existing active awards (or those expired but pending a no-cost extension) Banner indices that are transferring to Rutgers during this transition until further notice.

Should you have any questions concerning the above or require assistance during this transition, please direct them to the attention of Michele Conlin, Assistant Controller, Division of Grant & Contract Accounting, at dgca1@rci.rutgers.edu (for Rutgers units prior to 7/1) or rbhsdgca@rci.rutgers.edu (for legacy UMDNJ).