New DGCA Project Account Request and Modification Form

August 1, 2013

As you are aware, Principal Investigators may elect to have additional (optional) accounts established for a single sponsored award. This mechanism is often used when the award is multi-disciplinary or due to financial requirements of the award, segregation of costs on the university’s General Ledger is beneficial. DGCA provides a mechanism for this convenience of accounting for costs in separate accounts which are referred to as “project accounts” that get consolidated with the main award’s account and reported together to the sponsoring agency.

In an effort to streamline this process, DGCA has introduced a new Project Account Request & Modification Form that is to be used effective immediately when requesting any optional project accounts for a single sponsored award that is funded. This new form may be found at

An overview of how to utilize this new form is summarized below:

  1. When submitting a proposal, on the ORSP endorsement form in Section #5 (Budget Information), indicate “Yes” to question “Will a project account be needed if awarded?”
    Note: If unsure at the time of proposal, it is recommended that you indicate “Yes”.  If left unanswered, it will be interpreted as “No”.
  2. At the time of award (whether new or continuation/supplemental funding), please forward the completed New Project Account Request Form directly to your assigned ORSP Grant Specialist to be included with the award file that will be transmitted to DGCA for the award to be established.
    All authorized signatures requested on the form must be secured prior to the project accounts being established. Three separate authorizations are required for each account you are requesting to be established on the form:  a) Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator, b) Chair/Designee and c) Dean/Director/Designee.
    In the event all requested project accounts are in the same administering unit/department of the main award that is providing the funding, the Chair/Designee and Dean/Director/Designee are only required to sign once in the main award information section of the form. The Principal Investigator and each Co-Investigator requesting a project account must all sign.
  3. DGCA will establish all the requested project accounts and their respective funding at the same time as the main award which is funding the project accounts.
    In the event the completed Project Account Request Form is not included with the award file received from ORSP but the endorsement form indicates “Yes” to the above question, DGCA will contact the post-award contact listed on the endorsement form for confirmation that a project account is still required or to obtain any missing information.
  4. In the event you are modifying a project account that does not involve a change in funding (i.e. termination, no-cost extension, etc.), please email the completed form directly to to be processed.

Should you have any questions completing this new form or this new process, please direct your inquiries to  Thank you.