Postaward Roles and Responsibilities

Postaward Roles & Responsibilities


Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) Responsibilities

GCA performs central financial accounting and provides postaward administration support services for the university’s sponsored programs and other restricted funds, including the coordination of effort certification processes.

  • Serves as the appropriate principal investigators/department contact for grant and contract accounting functions.
  • Reviews new award setup documentation for terms and conditions, award restrictions or sponsor requirements for the fiscal and administrative management of awards.
  • Uses/designs appropriate Data Warehouse and General Ledger reports as well as spreadsheet and database programs to monitor, control and report revenues and expenditures of awards to comply with requirements of funding sponsor/agency and University requirements.
  • Offers guidance and serve as the principal contact for departments and PI’s for information regarding the management of grants and contracts.
  • Ensures Projects and General Ledger are accurate and current; initiate necessary action required which includes input of budget adjustments, suspense clearance, F&A cost rate maintenance and other related task
  • Ensures that award end dates correspond to award documentation.
  • Determines specific agency reporting and billing requirements including frequency and format. Managing financial interactions with sponsors, including preparing and submitting financial reports and invoices
  • Prepare and review worksheets and reporting forms using information from the Rutgers Financial Management System and the Financial Data Warehouse (FDW).
  • Prepares periodic agency/sponsor required reports of expenditures, financial status, etc.
  • Monitors accounts receivable and perform collection functions on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  • Maintains Tracking Notes and the correct account status for the classification of the receivable per the GCA Outstanding Receivables Policy. This includes an accurate analysis of each account.
  • Plans and schedules closeouts of awards (including cost sharing and project accounts) to minimize delays and in anticipation of problems.
  • Prepares comprehensive work papers that fully support the closeout in compliance with the GCA Closeout Checklist.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Faculty members who direct sponsored research programs under University auspices are responsible for effective conduct of these projects.

  • Agreeing to all terms and conditions with emphasis on performance clauses, including:
    • the frequency of technical reports,
    • special professional staff hourly reports,
    • deliverables, and
    • termination conditions.
  • Assuring appropriateness, reasonableness, and allowability of expenditures.
  • Managing expenditures to not exceed available award balance.
  • Certifying Effort Certifications semi-annually as required.
  • Initiating requests for rebudgeting and cost transfers.
  • Approving payment of subrecipient invoices.
  • Confirming performance and progress made by subrecipients.
  • Preparing technical reports and provides other deliverables as required.
  • Managing and meeting the cost-share requirements.

Department Responsibilities

Staff members who direct sponsored research programs under University auspices are responsible for effective conduct of these projects.

  • Providing oversight of sponsored project administration, including cost transfers and effort certifications.
  • Approving substantive modifications and rebudgeting.
  • Assuring timely resolution of unallowable expenditures.
  • Monitoring faculty effort and other resources committed as cost-share.
  • Participating in negotiations when technical reports are incomplete and deliverables are lacking or unacceptable to the sponsor.

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) Responsibilities

ORSP is responsible for submitting proposals to funding agencies requesting support for research and other scholarly projects. Resulting awards are made through ORSP, which reviews, negotiates, and accepts them on behalf of faculty and staff at the University.

  • Accepting the award on behalf of the University.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions relating to University policies.
  • Developing and executing subagreements.
  • Reviewing and processing non-monetary modifications.