Online Systems

Access Online Systems

The following online systems provide convenient access to post-award management tools.

IPAS Request

Institutional Prior Approval System is an online system used to request no-cost extensions, internal re-budgeting and late non-personnel cost transfers requests for sponsored programs.

All requests for advanced accounts must be initiated through RAPSS. Please reference the Advance Account Request guide found on at the following link:

Tools for Legacy Rutgers Units

Researcher's Dashboard

The dashboard allows for various online queries for principal investigators and post-award administrators, such as award setup status, active awards due to expire in 120 days, expired awards pending continuation or NCEs, upcoming award closeouts and their due dates, tuition remission and F&A return information.


Effort Certification and Reporting Technology is a system that enables awardees to satisfy federal effort reporting requirements for sponsored programs.

ECRT Training Status Query 

This is an online query that contains all ECRT Effort Coordinators and Viewers who have completed ECRT Training.