Effort Compensation Certification and Reporting

Effort Compensation Certification & Reporting, in accordance with 2 CFR Part 200 is the University’s internal control for providing assurance to sponsors that:

  1. Remuneration charged to sponsored programs are justifiable, reasonable, and allocable to the respective sponsored projects, in relation to the work performed
  2. Faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects including cost-sharing

Please visit our Effort Reporting Policies, Procedures, and Forms page for more information on the effort reporting and certification process.

Effort Coordinators & Viewers [XLS]


Determination of a Base or Supplemental Effort Card
Effort cards are created based on a combination of the payroll expenditure type and earnings code. For  example, a Base effort card for a Class 1 employee, will have expenditure type 50010 and earnings code R01. A Supplemental Effort card for a Class 5 employee will have expenditure type 50090 and earnings code R02. 
For a complete listing of expenditure type and earnings codes used in the Effort Certification system, please click here


Effort Certification – Roles & Responsibilities