Advisory Team

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) and Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) created the ORSP-GCA Advisory Team, which includes faculty and staff throughout the university research community. The ORSP-GCA Advisory Team was formed to create a framework for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of research administration activities.

Desired Outcomes of ORSP-GCA Advisory Team

  • Identify, develop, and deploy web-based systems, reports, and other resources that aid faculty and their administrative/finance staff in research administration
  • Improve communications and synergies among ORSP, GCA, and departmental personnel and faculty in research administration
  • Evaluate research administration policies and procedures for clarity and usefulness, make recommendations for improvements, and identify areas where policies are needed
  • Document and communicate the processes, policies, and responsibilities pertaining to the university research community
  • Enhance compliance monitoring without adding administrative burden to faculty
  • Promote a culture of collaboration and working together to address research administration matters
  • Identify and develop more training and education programs using various media
  • Adopt best practices in research administration

The ORSP-GCA Advisory Team meets monthly or more frequently as needed during the academic year. Meeting details can be found under our past events calendar. You can view our list of current advisory team members [XLS].

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